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              Conference Location

Welcome to 2018 National Tax Education Program at DePaul University in the Chicago loop.  Classes will be held in DePaul Driehaus College of Business classrooms located in the DePaul Center, 1 E. Jackson Blvd. (at the corner of State and Jacksons streets).  The DePaul Center is within one block of the Chicago Red Line and Blue Line subways as well as the entire L system. 

    Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 Hotel Information

The Program will be held on the campus of DePaul University. Accordingly, there is no conference Hotel. The program will be in the DePaul Center, located at 1 E. Jackson Blvd. (the corner of State and Jackson).  Listed below are some suggested hotels in the area.
Any hotel in the loop would be either walkable or a quick ride on the L. You can access the entire L system (including the blue and red subways) within a block of our building.  In addition, either Uber, Lyft or cabs are  inexpensive.

Note: For a less expensive budget, the University has a housing facility that is one block from the classroom building. Details of the housing center are shared at the bottom of this page. The more common room with a full breakfast is about $87. This single suite, however, would share a bathroom with one other bedroom... i.e., a Jack and Jill setup. Other rooms are assessable but availability is limited. See the picture at the bottom of this page.

Here is a list of some of the more common hotels in the ares. A link  to a map of DePaul University and the surrounding area. The University is located on the far right side of the map.

  1. Palmer House—Hilton
  2. Best Western—Grant Park
  3. JW Marriott
  4. Congress Hotel
  5. Hilton Chicago (on Michigan)
  6. Travelodge Hotel Downtown
  7. Hotel Blake (an Ascend Hotel)
  8. HI Chicago Hostel (this is a hostel, private rooms may be available).
  9. Hyatt Place
  10. La Quinta (across the loop, but not that long to walk or take the L)


University Housing Center


This facility is located one block from the training site.  During the summer, this residential center provides housing for summer interns and for individuals attending summer institutes and educational programs.  This center caters to individuals who are seeking housing for several months; however, by the end of April or early May, they will begin taking reservations for 5-day stays

The rooms are modern and recently renovated.  The room style most likely to be available for a 5-night stay is the single suite listed below at $87/per night.  The single suite consists of a private bedroom and a bathroom shared with one other room (a “Jack and Jill” bathroom).  The $87 cost includes linen service (bedding and towels) and a full breakfast (eggs, waffles, cereal, etc.).  Note: they will not open reservations for short-term stays until late April or early May.

2018 University Center Summer Housing Rates

            Housing (Individual)  1- 6 night stay
  • 4-bedroom Apartment
  • 2-bedroom Apartment (Shared)
  • Shared Suite with breakfast
  • Single Suite with breakfast
  • Fully Private Suite with breakfast

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