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     The National Tax Education Program has deep roots.  It began in 1979 when the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) joined together with the University of Michigan—and shortly thereafter, the University of Illinois—to create a unique brand of tax education.  The program was created by identifying outstanding tax faculty from America’s finest universities along with renowned instructors from tax practice and pairing them together to deliver the best of both theory and practice. Every summer for more than 30 years participants from local, regional and national accounting firms attended one of the four weeks of training to cover the critical areas of taxation. 
     The program was housed on the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign for nearly 30 years.  More recently, it moved off campus and then to different locations in Chicago and St. Louis.  During this time, the program prospered under the auspices of the AICPA and the leadership of program director, Gene Willis and coordinators Bill Kulsrud and Steve Thompson.  In the fall of 2012, however, the AICPA decided to take its education efforts in a different direction and do localized training.  Notwithstanding the AICPA decision, Professors Kulsrud, Thompson, their team of instructors, and leaders of several accounting firms believed that the program served an important niche in the continuing education market and this style program should be maintained.
     For these reasons, we choose to go forward and continue to offer the familiar four week program in its traditional format.  A typical day begins with a lecture introducing a particular topic.  From the lecture, participants move to small breakout sessions where they can ask questions, do case studies and learn not only from the instructors, but also their peers.  After lunch, there is another lecture and breakout.  The program normally follows the same pattern throughout the week.  Our hope is to carry on this tradition of excellence and provide you and your firm with the best tax education possible.


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